Natural Elegance with Custom River Rock Landscaping

Incorporate the timeless beauty of river rock into your landscape for a durable, low-maintenance solution that adds texture and style. Our personalized river rock arrangements enhance your space with natural elegance and minimal upkeep.

Custom Plant Selection & Design

Transform your outdoor space into a lush, inviting garden with our custom planting services. Whether you dream of a serene floral haven, a productive vegetable garden, or a lively mix of trees and shrubs, we tailor our planting designs to fit your vision and lifestyle. Our expertise ensures that every plant is positioned for optimal growth and visual harmony, creating a garden that's uniquely yours.

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Sustainable Planting for Vibrant Gardens

We use sustainable planting practices to create a garden that's not only beautiful but also beneficial to the environment. By selecting native and adaptive plants, we enhance biodiversity and reduce the need for water and chemical inputs, making your garden a part of the solution to environmental challenges. Our commitment to eco-friendly landscaping helps ensure that your garden is both a personal retreat and a haven for local wildlife.

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Simple Garden Care with Professional Planting

Our planting services are designed with your convenience in mind, ensuring that your garden is as low maintenance as possible without sacrificing beauty or vitality. By focusing on soil health, proper plant selection, and strategic placement, we create landscapes that require minimal intervention to thrive. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a professionally designed garden that looks great in every season.

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Lush Gardens Tailored to Your Home

A beautifully planted garden can transform the way you experience your home, offering a tranquil escape or a vibrant space for outdoor living. Our custom planting solutions bring your vision to life, creating an outdoor environment that complements your lifestyle and enhances your connection to nature. Discover the joy of a garden that invites relaxation, entertainment, and personal reflection.

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Discover What Makes Our Landscaping Company
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Quality Service

At Forty Five Scapes, we're committed to providing premium design and build landscaping services in Midland and surrounding areas. Experience the difference with us!


Our 100% Guarantee

We offer the best landscaping construction guarantee in the business. We stand by a 5-year Warranty on all our installation projects.


Delighted Customers

Our reputation speaks for itself—we're among the most trusted landscaping companies in Midland, known for exceeding customer expectations.


Prompt Responsiveness

Your needs are our priority. We guarantee fast and efficient follow-ups, ensuring you feel taken care of the way you deserve.


Trusted Community Pillar

Forty Five Scapes has become a cornerstone of the Midland community. Check out our work at community parks and city buildings.


Decades of Experience

We have a history of creating beautiful landscapes in Midland, Collingwood, Barrie and surrounding areas, and our decades of combined experience ensures your outdoor space is nothing short of spectacular.

we don't just design landscapes; we craft experiences.

With us, your deck, patio, and every corner of your outdoor area become sanctuaries of joy, peace, and togetherness. Because we believe that the best moments in life deserve the perfect setting.

Chairs around landscape

From the first sketch to the final touch

Your trust is our cornerstone. We dedicate ourselves to transforming your vision into reality with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Together, we'll explore the endless possibilities for your outdoor space.

We understand that every family is unique. That's why our designs are as flexible as your gatherings. Whether it's a serene spot for morning coffees, a vibrant garden for kids' adventures, or an elegant patio for hosting friends, we tailor every project to your dreams.

Bring Life to Your Midland Landscape with Our Planting Services

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Landscape Drainage

Facing issues like water pooling, soil erosion, and damage to plant life? We specialize in providing efficient drainage solutions to protect and enhance your landscape.

Landscape Construction

From the initial design to the final installation, our construction services ensure your landscaping project is built to last and impress.

River rock

Incorporate river rock into your landscape for a low-maintenance, durable ground cover that adds texture and interest to your outdoor space.

Landscaping Service In Midland and Surrounding Areas

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Every journey starts with a first step. Strike up a conversation with our low key, no pressure team and begin your journey.

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