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Job Description

The Landscape Technician is responsible for a variety of job tasks (including physical labor) in order to assist with the completion of landscape construction projects. Job responsibilities also include utilizing various hand tools, power tools, and equipment to carry out specified job duties.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for hardscape and softscape landscape construction
  • Read and interpret blueprints, drawings, and specifications to assist with landscape constructions
  • Construct rock gardens, decks, fieldstone paths, stone garden walls, fences, ornamental ponds, fountains and waterfalls, retaining walls, and interlock
  • Plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and bulbs
  • Weed, prune, and trim trees and plants
  • Apply fertilizers, cut grass, and water lawns and gardens
  • Cart and spread topsoil and other required materials
  • Lay sod or seed; grading (soil); and tree staking
  • Utilize hand tools, power tools, and other necessary equipment to complete job tasks
  • Perform lawn maintenance using lawn mowers, tractor mowers, trimmers, and weed eaters
  • Build scaffolds
  • Move and transport materials using shovels, wheelbarrows, carts, dollies and manual lifting
  • Perform other manual duties to clean and maintain landscaped environments , shop + equipment
  • Conduct daily safety inspections of tools and equipment
  • Follow directions from foreman
  • Complete daily paperwork tracking job time and material costs
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment at all times
  • Comply with all company policies and regulations
  • Work in accordance with all local health and safety laws and regulations
  • Communicate with customers in a polite and courteous manner


  • Completion of college, vocational, or technical training
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in the construction of rock gardens, decks, stone garden walls, fences, ornamental ponds, fountains and waterfalls, retaining walls, and interlock
  • Ability to survey and assess designated sites
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints, drawings, and specifications
  • Plant knowledge and identification, and experience in plant care
  • Competent in the use of power tools (quick cut saws, chain saws, plate tampers, power wheel barrows, skills saws, sod cutter, sprayer or duster, rototiller, drills, etc.) 
  • Physically fit with strong stamina
  • Basic measurement and calculation skills
  • Ability to follow safe working procedures
  • Excellent observation skills and a strong attention to detail
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work both independently with little supervision, and as part of a team
  • Speak, read, and write English
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license